Focus Group Training

What Focus Group Training Involves

A one-day, hands-on workshop for 6 to 12 people that demonstrates the right ways and the wrong ways to conduct focus groups, including:

  • Building rapport.
  • Engaging the quieter participants.
  • Restraining the participants who try to dominate the discussion.
  • Probing underlying issues.
  • How to know when to stay on track or when to probe an important tangent.
  • How to gain maximum candor.

What Focus Group Training Will Do for You

  • Prepare you and others in your organization to conduct focus groups with greater skill and objectivity.
  • Avoid conducting focus groups that result in people leaving the session feeling worse than they entered it.
  • Help you pull out the really important information you need from your audience in an actionable way.

Focus Group Training Prices

Training Only: $5,000 per day of on-site training

Training with Customization: Training price plus time and materials, as needed

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