Strategic Planning

The best way to align the work of the communication department with your organization’s goals is through an effective strategic plan–one that focuses on using communication to affect the behaviors that contribute to the bottom line.

Developing your strategic plan is a team effort. We’ll review your organization’s goals and your current communication plans. We’ll interview your communication staff and your executives. We’ll review all existing research about your current communications. If necessary, we’ll suggest additional research to make sure that we have a realistic understanding of what is and is not working for you now.

Then we’ll document our assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of your communication plan, and the opportunities and threats presented by your organization’s plan, your industry and your marketplace. This becomes the basis of an off-site session where we facilitate a focused brainstorming to take your communications from where they are now to become the new foundation for a strategy that is more focused on business results.

Your plan will address:

  • Better meeting the needs of your communication stakeholders.
  • Developing campaigns on integrated messages using the best combinations of channels.
  • Remixing the channels available to your audiences to provide the best combination of access, credibility and effectiveness at the lowest cost.
  • Providing the right infrastructure of staffing, budget and other resources to support the rest of the strategy.

How We’re Different

  • We focus strategies on operational outcomes and the audience behaviors it will take to achieve them.
  • We base strategies on research, not just gut perceptions.
  • Strategies we develop include measures of success.

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