ROI Calculations

Return on investment (ROI) is a simple mathematical formula that does not change by company, country or function. Just divide the net benefit of something (Gain minus Cost) by the cost. Then multiply by 100%.

Too many communication consultants mistakenly talk about return on engagement, return on reputation, return on voice and similarly made-up concepts that have no meaning to business executives because they don’t involve money. It would be better in those cases to just talk about the value of those things, not “returns” from them.

How we’re different

We connect communication campaigns, or specific channels in a campaign, to the behavior changes intended as the outcome of the campaign. There is no financial value in greater awareness, higher understanding or more positive attitudes—until they lead to a behavior change.

We use a variety of techniques to make the connection depending on the content of the communication, the targeted stakeholders for the behavior change and organizational environment.

Sample Projects: ROI

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