What We Do

We can help you gather information from other companies, even your competitors, on how they approach corporate communication. Some of the types of information we can gather include:

  • How the communication function is staffed, how much is outsourced, where it reports, how decentralized or centralized it is, what types of activities the department is involved in.
  • How the communication function is budgeted, what other companies spend on their flagship publications, their video programs and their intranets.
  • Best practices on various aspects of communication.

How We’re Different

We make sure quantitative measures are calculated to be apples to apples in terms of your own communication department.

We make sure quantitative measures are provided in context rather than in raw numbers.

Sample Projects: Benchmarking

Benchmarking: Justification to Management

At a client company, the corporate communication department, along with other staff functions, was being required to conduct some benchmarking of staffing and budgeting efficiency. We helped the client expand the study to compare measures of effectiveness along with the efficiency to provide a more meaningful comparison. We also selected different companies to benchmark various aspects of internal and external communication against since no other company, even in their own industry, operated the same way they did. The result was that they came through their senior management review with an increased appreciation for their work.

Benchmarking: Identify Best Practices

One client was looking for best practices in three areas: business-to-business communication, face-to-face internal communication and communication measurement. For the first topic, we talked with competitors in the company’s own industry that had moved up significantly in industry-wide customer satisfaction studies. For the other two topics, we identified companies that were celebrated for excellence in each of those areas. With our results, the client was able to take pride in how well they were already doing in many of these areas and to incorporate some new ideas that fit into their culture as well.

Benchmarking for the Future

A relatively new, smaller company in an industry was growing fast and expected to more than double its size in the next three years because of new products in it pipeline. It wanted to compare itself with industry competitors that had already passed through this growth stage successfully. They wanted to see how they should staff each of their communication functions and how they should relate to each other to be ready to meet its upcoming challenges. The result, after the presentation to the new president, was a completely restructured department, led for the first time by a vice president who was part of the senior leadership team. Staffing and budgets have also increased.

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