Angela Sinickas is a widely-published author. She has written a university textbook, book chapters, white papers, and regular columns for Melcrum's Strategic Communication Management, Best Practice Measurement, and Total Communications Measurement, as well as IABC's Communication World and many others.

How often should you measure: a) the effectiveness of individual media? b) staff opinions/culture?

Typically, surveys are conducted no more than once every 12 to 24 months. However, if there are aspects of your culture or a publication you are actively trying to change, you may want to supplement the large surveys with mini-surveys.

Alternative ways to measure the effectiveness of your publications

If you want to go beyond the usual limits of a traditional readership survey that tells you how well received a publication is, first clarify your objectives. Then you might include additional “impact” questions on your next survey.

How well do your communications really work? Here’s how to find out

If communicators wanted to work with numbers, we would have become accountants. However, to succeed in today’s business climate, we word people need to become more comfortable in a numbers world. Often that means we need to measure the results of our efforts in ways that mean something to our management.

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