Graduate Education in Business Communication

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Graduate Education in Business Communication

Q: I would like to hear input on any doctoral programs that have an emphasis on Business Communications. (I have a masters of science degree in Business Education and Adult and Higher Education.) Thanks.

PS: Maybe I should ask how valid a doctorate program is…

Marcella Enos

A: Dear Marcella:

I would suggest trying the same institutions that are described in the previous Q&A thread as having a business emphasis at the master’s level.

As far as the value of a doctorate, I think it really depends on what it can realistically do for you versus what else you would do with the time it would take to earn the doctorate.

For example, if you want to teach at the university level or do research full-time (such as with a marketing research firm or ad agency), then a doctorate might be required as a minimum to get the job. If you’re looking for a better position in the corporate world, the time might be better spent focusing on getting involved more operationally within your own company. For example, a friend of mine who wanted the VP of Marketing job took a detour and worked as the head of one of her company’s sales offices for a few years. That very direct business experience gave her the edge to land the VP job in a way that a Ph.D. would not. She did have an MBA, however.

Also, if you want the doctorate for self-fulfillment or to expand your career horizons, consider getting the degree in some other related field rather than communication. For example, organizational development or adult learning might be good ones if you want to focus on corporate communication.

Good luck with your decisions,

Angela D. Sinickas

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