Communication Style of Leaders

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Q: I am a student at the University of LaVerne in the Master of Science in Leadership and Management program. I am interested in obtaining your feedback regarding a thesis topic that I am considering. I am interested in studying the communication styles of leaders to identify the most common communication styles used by leaders to establish relationship to foster organizational change. Are you aware of any research conducted in this area? Are you aware of any existing research tools or instruments that may assist me? What recommendations or suggestions would you offer to help me understand how to best focus my research? I appreciate any information that you can provide.

Thank you,

Dana Nagengast

A: Dear Dana,

Dr. David Pincus has published both academic and popular books on the topic of executive communication. The popular one is called “Top Dog: A different kind of book about becoming an excellent leader.” McGraw-Hill publishes it. If anyone would know what else is available about executive communication, I bet he would. You can reach him at

Angela D. Sinickas