Public Relations

Measuring Public Relations Effectiveness

What you probably need to do is direct audience research in addition to the best type of clip analysis available. For example, do research with customers/prospects, financial analysts, trade reporters, business reporters, potential recruitment candidates, etc. to identify their level of awareness of your company’s name and reputation in comparison to those of your competitors’.

Media Monitoring

Q: I was wondering with your experience if you could recommend a media monitoring service. I have researched Bowden’s, and a local (Halifax) company called NewsWatch (a division of the CCL Group) and I’m sure that there are more out there, but who are they and what will they do for me? In order to

Public Relations Statistics

Q: Can you provide me with 3-5 general public relations statistics that I could use to prove the value of effective public relations? Thanks, Julie Baron A: Dear Julie: You can probably take your pick of quite a few statistics at the following site: They’ve been doing a lot of research recently and have