Employee Communication

Best Practices for Internal Television

What I have seen in “best practices” varies quite a bit from satellite broadcasts to all locations, to videos tailored to different job functions, to Web casts that include not only picture/sound of an executive being interviewed, but also windows on the screen to either submit a question to the interviewee or to participate in an ongoing chat with other viewers on everyone’s reactions to what is being said.

Impact of Communication on Merger Success

Q: I am finishing my MS in Communication Arts at IONA, and my thesis topic is the correlation between effective communication and successful merger results. Have you performed any studies on this topic or can you point me towards one that you know about? Thanks. Margaret McLean Walsh A: Dear Margaret: William M. Mercer, Incorporated,

Published Research on Employee Communication

Employees currently rely on different sources for different topics, and prefer to rely on different sources by topic as well. The results vary quite a bit from company to company, and even at a single company over time as some channels become more or less effective for employees.