Best Practices for Internal Television

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Best Practices for Internal Television

Q: I am attempting to put together a “best practices” list of companies in the field of Internal Television. Many companies have this medium and they cover a wide spectrum from an elaborate TV-like production sent globally to all locations, to a PowerPoint slide show viewed in one building. Have you found the best of the best in this field or know resources to help me along? Thank you.


Dear Josh:

I don’t have such a list. Although I do think certain of my clients have excellent programs, I can’t really discuss them for reasons of confidentiality. However, I have heard communicators from FedEx, Microsoft and the US Postal Service speak at conferences about their varied uses of video and was impressed.

The best place to look might be recent award-winning video programs in the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC)’s Gold Quill awards program or in competitions sponsored by video organizations like ITVA. What I have seen in “best practices” varies quite a bit from satellite broadcasts to all locations, to videos tailored to different job functions, to Web casts that include not only picture/sound of an executive being interviewed, but also windows on the screen to either submit a question to the interviewee or to participate in an ongoing chat with other viewers on everyone’s reactions to what is being said.

Another place to look would be the list of speakers at conferences about using video for employee communication.

Good luck,

Angela D. Sinickas

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