Measurement at the Speed of Business

When most communicators think of measurement, they picture a survey. No question that surveys are great, but in this frenetic, needed-it-last-week business environment, no one has time to develop and launch a traditional survey, let alone wait for the results to roll in.

It’s New, It’s Hot, It’s Relationship Management–Not!

One of the buzzwords in communication today is that relationship measurement is the ultimate metric. This article disputes that concept since for executives, financial results are the ultimate metric. Until an improved relationship changes people’s behavior in a way that helps the bottom line, most executives won’t care.

Tracking the Evolution of our Work by the Revolution in Communication Measurement

The dark days of haphazard readership surveys and job-justifying communication audits have given way to an era characterized by more intelligent, specific, strategic communication measurement efforts. Are you keeping up with the times?