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Alumni Achievement Award: Corporate Communicator

The University of Illinois Alumni Association honored Angela Sinickas Shiromani, ’75 MEDIA with a 2020 Alumni Achievement Award, describing her as “A trailblazer in the field of corporate communications—[who] has established an international reputation as an expert who can improve employee relations by evaluating the effectiveness of a company’s communications efforts, recommending changes in approach and providing appropriate training.”

InTransition 123: Talking to Angela Sinickas about how to measure communication with numbers

This article was originally published in InTransition Podcast with David Pembroke of contentgroup (2017).

This week on the InTransition Podcast, David Pembroke talks to a ‘legend of the communications business’ Angela Sinickas.

Measuring Internal Comms before it was Cool with Angela Sinickas

Chuck Gose asked Angela about what she’s learned since she started talking about communications measurement in 1981. Key takeaway: make sure your research results are actionable.

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