PRSA Connect Pt. 3 with Angela Sinickas, Corey Wagner & Ally Bunin

This article was originally published in ICology Podcast with Chuck Gose (2016).

From the original post:

This is a break from the traditional episode listeners of ICology might be used to. I attended and spoke at this year’s PRSA Connect, PRSA’s annual employee communications event.

While there, I thought it would be great to catch some audio from a few of the speakers.

This is the final episode in a three-part series of interviews I conducted while at the event. In this episode, you’ll hear from

  • Angela Sinickas, CEO, Sinickas Communications
  • Corey Wagner, co-founder & CEO of Bananatag
  • Ally Bunin, chair of the PRSA Employee Communications Section & past guest

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