InTransition 123: Talking to Angela Sinickas about how to measure communication with numbers

This article was originally published in InTransition Podcast with David Pembroke of contentgroup (2017).

This week on the InTransition Podcast David talks to a ‘legend of the communications business’ Angela Sinickas who has been the in the field since 1974. Labelled as a pioneer of organisational communications measurement and measuring effectiveness Angela is quite renowned amongst publications such as Harvard Business Review, the Journal of Communication Management and Communication World.

Now the CEO of Sinickas Communications, she is a consultant for brands all around the world including Barclays, CISCO, Ergon, Verizon and ING Bank with a reputation for making a promise and sticking to it.

Discussed in this podcast:

  • The importance of measurement in communications
  • Her history in the field – from journalism to avoid maths to pioneering data analysis for communications
  • Turning communication into numbers
  • Problems faced in the field and tips to counteract them
  • How to stay afloat in a fast-growing industry


Transcript of InTransition Episode 123

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