Extreme Make-over Workshop

Go from communication order-taker to a valued business strategist at the management decision-making table. This highly interactive 1-day workshop will provide you with all the tools you need to think more strategically, present your ideas proactively to management in ways that make more business sense to them and use consulting techniques that help you take your seat at the management decision-making table—even if you’re not invited!

Training Communicators

We provide training to communicators on various aspects of communication strategy and measurement and training on how to conduct focus groups. Participants begin doing their own measurements or developing their own strategic plans during the training.

Bob Matha

November 29, 2012 I haven’t actually worked with Angela, but I’ve been in her workshops and have looked at what…

Amy Gerstein

July 27, 2011 Angela has been someone I can always count on to deliver top-notch workshops – no matter the…