Focus research on your most valuable “capital”

Don’t just do research to see what your entire employee population wants or needs in terms of overall satisfaction, communication or benefits and compensation. Find ways to isolate your top performers as a demographic category and make sure your new recommendations are geared to meeting the top performers’ needs and wants wherever they might differ from the average employee.

Getting the most use out of research results, part 2: Tips for Getting Management to Pay Attention to Your Data

All too often companies conduct a survey and do nothing with the results. This problem can be avoided by making sure that management is committed to acting on the findings before you even conduct the research.

How often should you measure: a) the effectiveness of individual media? b) staff opinions/culture?

Typically, surveys are conducted no more than once every 12 to 24 months. However, if there are aspects of your culture or a publication you are actively trying to change, you may want to supplement the large surveys with mini-surveys.