Linking communication to engagement

The easiest and least expensive way to see the difference communication makes in employees’ engagement levels is to use the outcome questions from an engagement survey as a demographic criterion for all the questions on a communication survey, just as you would for variations by business unit or job level.

Measuring the brand internally

Advertising and marketing lay a strong foundation for perception of a brand, at least until people have contact with a company. Once people buy products or interact with company employees, their long-term impressions will be shaped by their experiences. Employees need to internalize the company brand or its image will suffer.

The Role of Intranets and Other e-Channels in Employee Communication Preferences (July 2002)

Analysis of survey results from 15 large organizations in the last five years shows employees’ preferred use of electronic channels may vary from commonly believed assumptions. As additional electronic choices become available, preference for electronic channels overall increases; the new electronic options do not replace other existing electronic channels in employees’ preferences. In fact, growing preference for electronic channels reduces the preference for face-to-face communication, not print, as many people believe.

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