Bottom-line impact of internal communications on engagement

Carrying out employee engagement research allows communicators to demonstrate the bottom-line outcome of their work and, by measuring employee satisfaction, highlights where there are insufficient levels of communication or engagement. The role communication plays in engagement can only be proved if a survey instrument includes enough – or the right kinds of – questions about communication.

Measurement and Analytics Certificate Program

Each Wednesday for 6 weeks, the Measurement and Analytics Certificate Program goes well beyond simply measuring the effectiveness of communication. You will also learn how to build research into the beginning of your planning process in ways that are fast, easy and inexpensive. At the end of communication campaigns that involve audience behavior changes, you’ll be able to calculate the marginal ROI on your organization’s communication investment.


When you need to compare measurements over time or across business units, you need to conduct quantitative research. This usually means a survey. We can do it all for you or work with your in-house research department to provide help in developing the right questions and helping develop recommendations based on our detailed analysis.

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