How to Link Your Communication to Organizational Strategy and Measure its Impact

In this two-hour workshop, you will learn the difference between communicating about an organizational strategy and communicating in a way that actually fulfills the strategy. You will use a step-by-step process for engaging your executive management in communication planning in a way that feels like other, logical business processes they are comfortable with, and makes it easy to know what to measure.

Whose change is it anyway? Understanding our audience attitudes and knowledge.

Keynote – Research. Sometimes we see operational numbers that tell us there is a problem, but our assumptions on what is causing the problem may be wrong. We develop strategic communication plans to take people on a journey to our new future, but we don’t do the upfront research to understand where they are right now, or what it might take to get them moving in a new direction.

Strategic Planning Training

One client’s company is highly decentralized, with communicators in the field reporting to the regional business unit heads instead of the corporate communication office. The corporate office provided a full-day training session on strategic planning to communicators in each of their regions. Each region’s communicators worked together in the participatory exercises to develop strategic plans

Extreme Make-over Workshop

Go from communication order-taker to a valued business strategist at the management decision-making table. This highly interactive 1-day workshop will provide you with all the tools you need to think more strategically, present your ideas proactively to management in ways that make more business sense to them and use consulting techniques that help you take your seat at the management decision-making table—even if you’re not invited!

Strategic Planning

The best way to align the work of the communication department with your organization’s goals is through an effective strategic plan–one that focuses on using communication to affect the behaviors that contribute to the bottom line. Developing your strategic plan is a team effort. We’ll review your organization’s goals and your current communication plans. We’ll

Strategy Deconstruction

A global health care company’s annual strategic planning process typically resulted in pages and pages of strategies developed along product lines and communication department functions. This often resulted in disconnected messages being sent to some of the same audiences from different communication staffers. When the client asked for help in making the plan more measurable,

Reconstruction Strategy

A Fortune 100 company had eliminated nearly all internal communications during a major downsizing. Two years later, senior leadership realized they needed to rebuild the function to help them drive a re-energized growth strategy throughout their global workforce. We conducted executive interviews and on-site benchmarking visits with other global companies, which provided a strong research

Fast-Track Strategy

At one company the internal communication manager’s new boss wanted a strategic plan developed in less than a week. We gathered samples of all the communication channels available and inventoried them. We debriefed the entire communication staff on what they thought had and hadn’t been working well. We identified what direction senior management was taking