Measurement and Analytics Certificate Program

Each Wednesday for 6 weeks, the Measurement and Analytics Certificate Program goes well beyond simply measuring the effectiveness of communication. You will also learn how to build research into the beginning of your planning process in ways that are fast, easy and inexpensive. At the end of communication campaigns that involve audience behavior changes, you’ll be able to calculate the marginal ROI on your organization’s communication investment.

Retool the Global Magazine

A new communication director inherited an existing global publication and needed some employee input to see how effectively it was meeting the company’s objectives. Focus groups we conducted in the U.S, Europe and Asia showed some surprising similarities in what was working well and what wasn’t, although sometimes for different reasons. Interestingly, some of the

Improve Survey Results

A repeat survey showed virtually no improvement in key communication metrics over two years, in spite of the communication department’s best efforts. We conducted focus groups to identify specific interventions that would make a difference, and found a great many opportunities on the operational side, such as communication during shift changes. Another key finding was

Pre-test New Strategy

A new leadership team was about to roll out their 13 key strategies to employees in the form of a video. We pretested each of the points in focus groups, as well as the intended communication channel. The findings completely changed the roll-out. The 13 strategies were reduced to five. Several were completely rewritten to

Focus Group Training

What Focus Group Training Involves A one-day, hands-on workshop for 6 to 12 people that demonstrates the right ways and the wrong ways to conduct focus groups, including: Building rapport. Engaging the quieter participants. Restraining the participants who try to dominate the discussion. Probing underlying issues. How to know when to stay on track or

Focus Groups & Interviews

For some clients, we conduct the entire process. In other situations, we provide just the level of support you need to conduct most of the work yourself. Some of the key steps: Selecting the number and location of focus groups. Inviting participants. Identifying the right questions. Preparing the interviewing guides. Collating and analyzing the findings.