Focus research on your most valuable “capital”

Don’t just do research to see what your entire employee population wants or needs in terms of overall satisfaction, communication or benefits and compensation. Find ways to isolate your top performers as a demographic category and make sure your new recommendations are geared to meeting the top performers’ needs and wants wherever they might differ from the average employee.

Retool the Global Magazine

A new communication director inherited an existing global publication and needed some employee input to see how effectively it was meeting the company’s objectives. Focus groups we conducted in the U.S, Europe and Asia showed some surprising similarities in what was working well and what wasn’t, although sometimes for different reasons. Interestingly, some of the

Improve Survey Results

A repeat survey showed virtually no improvement in key communication metrics over two years, in spite of the communication department’s best efforts. We conducted focus groups to identify specific interventions that would make a difference, and found a great many opportunities on the operational side, such as communication during shift changes. Another key finding was

Pre-test New Strategy

A new leadership team was about to roll out their 13 key strategies to employees in the form of a video. We pretested each of the points in focus groups, as well as the intended communication channel. The findings completely changed the roll-out. The 13 strategies were reduced to five. Several were completely rewritten to