Earned Media Report

For a global package delivery company, we examined the three different reports they were receiving from different agencies on earned media results, one from each of three geographic regions. They reports covered many of the same metrics, but calculated them differently. Two reported monthly results, one reported quarterly. They defined and calculated different metrics differently,

Communication Index

For an investment services client, every year since 2007 we have created an updated index of different types of internal communication results. The concept behind the index is that there are multiple types of metrics measured in different ways that all can be converted to a numerical number of points so they can be combined


A dashboard of communication metrics is a great way to share with senior leaders the progress being made on achieving key performance indicators. Like a report card, it can synthesize a great many smaller scores into overall trends that can be absorbed at a glance.

Keeping Score: Making communication performance data more compelling — Part 2

To give data more impact and ensure it gets acted on, Sinickas suggests using simple “dashboard visualizations” such as bar graphs, a speedometer dial or mathematical symbols.

Keeping Score: Making Performance Data More Compelling — Part 1

Data that reflects communication performance should do one of two things: indicate success to allow for recognition, or refocus effort where it’s needed most. But if the numbers aren’t distilled down to a few key metrics, neither is likely to happen.

Balanced Scorecard Step-by-Step

Book review of Balanced Scorecard Step-by-Step: Paul Niven’s book would be invaluable for communicators whose companies are implementing a Balanced Scorecard, and it can also provide a great deal of useful information on setting measurable goals for a staff function like communication to ensure it aligns with a company’s strategy.