Website Evaluation

What We Do Some of the ways we help clients measure and improve their internal and external Websites include: Calculating a return on investment (ROI) for new sites on the intranet or external Web pages, identifying how the online version of the information helps an organization make or save money over the pre-online version. Analyzing

Intranet ROI

One client’s intranet includes a number of sites for sharing best practices among employees in similar jobs. One of the sites is for safety managers of manufacturing facilities around the world. They share with each other how they have fixed problems that occurred at their sites. My client shared anecdotally with me that many safety

External Website Usage Report

Another client’s site included descriptions and demos of products and services under development. We were able to recommend to the client which services they should develop first based on the relative interest expressed by site visitors.

Intranet Site Usage Report

For one client we found that the corporate communications headlines page was receiving far fewer and less regular visits than the company desired. The site with the highest visits was the one with the company stock price. One of our recommendations was to move the stock price to a corner of the headlines page, bringing

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