Publication Evaluation

What We Do Some of the ways we can help you evaluate the effectiveness of your publications: Content analysis: We first identify the ideal content for your publication, based on executive and reader input. Then we measure how much of the content covers each ideal topic, or reflects your brand attributes, or matches the mix

Content Analysis

We measured the length of all the articles and recurring features of an employee publication over the course of six months. We identified the ideal content of the publication, starting with its objectives of supporting the company’s goals and brand attributes. We identified the content executives and employees wanted to see in it. Some of

Starch Test

We analyzed the patterns of which articles in a publication readers actually read. We found that they often read articles of a type they didn’t admit to liking in focus groups. We also discovered that one type of articles that they did want to read were in a section of the publication that was so

International Publication Review

A dozen of our reviewers from around the world assessed the content, format and design of one client’s global magazine. They provided not only numeric scores, but also narrative critiques and examples. By analyzing their numeric scores, we found patterns in different parts of the world and other patterns differing in countries where English is

Deciding between print and online news

Many corporate editors are struggling with the decision of whether to replace a printed publication with an electronic one. But employees are often attached to printed publications, or simply find them easier to access, as revealed by the following Data Analysis of staff surveys and past experience.