International Publication Review

A dozen of our reviewers from around the world assessed the content, format and design of one client’s global magazine. They provided not only numeric scores, but also narrative critiques and examples. By analyzing their numeric scores, we found patterns in different parts of the world and other patterns differing in countries where English is

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Creating the “right” survey questions

A communication audit survey should include questions about how effectively messages are getting through and about how effective the channels carrying the messages are. You can create about 80% of the “right” survey questions based mostly on the messages/campaigns/topics your department is supposed to be communicating and the channels your job involves managing.

Measuring Messages

Q: I am researching best practices in communications measurement to identifying when employees are receiving key messages and when they are not. Kind of a “stealth bomber” approach to the usual measurement and metrics. My organization is rolling out a new organization design and we are looking for new ways to help determine if employees

Elements of a Communication Audit

Q: I have an opportunity to design and implement a thorough audit of employee communications for the quality department at a major pharmaceutical corporation. I’ve never done one of these. Can you help me get started? Thanks. Clark Miller A: Dear Clark: An internal communication audit can include several or all of the following steps: