Here’s what people have to say about working with Angela Sinickas.

I haven't actually worked with Angela, but I've been in her workshops and have looked at what she does with a critical eye. She brings real thought and expertise to the research aspects of the communications area -- something that's often sorely missing.

Bob Matha Owner, Basics 3, Leadership Communication Firm

Angela has helped me give credibility to the communication function within Alstom. Her extraordinary expertise in Measurement processes for Communicators have not only enabled us to increase productivity within the communication function but also has given me the possibility to successfully present tangible business case with my executive committee.

On top of it, Angela is a Joy to work with.

Anne Guérin-Moens Group Human Resources Director

Angela Sinickas is one of those rare professionals who adds value to every encounter -- and does so with an unflappable optimism that shines through in the face of the thorniest challenges. Even the briefest of chats with Angie leaves me with some new content to absorb, some new idea to pursue, some new perspective to consider. She just makes a difference, every time.

Mary Barton Communication Leader -- Driving Culture & Change

Angela has been someone I can always count on to deliver top-notch workshops - no matter the size of her audience. She's organized, efficient, and incredibly knowledgeable. Her warm personality makes all attendees feel at ease and you can tell she truly enjoys what she does. Thanks Angela, for all the fantastic workshops you've provided over the years!

Amy Gerstein Senior Event Planner at TBWA\WorldHealth

Angela Sinickas is a thought leader and an experienced and effective trainer in communications measurement, an area too often overlooked or neglected, especially in international development organizations. Ten years after I took Angela's course while working at the World Bank I continue to apply her ideas and insights as the vice president for communications and policy outreach here at the Center for Global Development. Her tools have been an important ingredient in our success here at CGD.

Lawrence MacDonald Vice President at World Resources Institute

Angela takes complex and potentially difficult subjects and makes them accessible and 'real'. I admire her energy, her faultless attention to detail and her willingness to enter into dialogues, some of which run over long periods of time.

Richard Morrice Helping small food producers to thrive

Angela contributed to my thinking on a digital media strategy for the Association. Her robust input, facts and figures were particularly useful for me to address concerns from my directors on risks associated with launching into this area, and this really helped me get buy-in to the strategy.

Sarah Fitzgerald Director at Self Communications

I also attended one of Angela's sessions at the 2009 Ragan Corporate Communicators Conference. Hearing her talk about ROI was quite inspiring, if you can imagine that! She was also kind enough to point me in the right direction for a challenge that I was facing. As a result of her session, my team is looking for ROI calculations for almost all of our communication efforts. Thanks, Angela.

Thom Goodwin Manager, Service Management at Gerber Collision & Glass

Angela's session "Calculating the ROI of Communications" at the Ragan Corporate Communicators Conference was extremely insightful and helpful!

Finally a practical approach to measuring the ROI of communications - and one that I can actually use and implement here.

Katrin Atienza AVP Marketing at ShelterPoint Life

Angela's knowledge in the arena of corporate communications research knows no bounds! She is the Queen of Measurement (sorry Katie!)

And I am particularly keen on Angela's no-nonsense approach to coming up with and applying techniques that deliver results - simple and straight forward, yet yielding eminently usable data.

I also like that you don't get lots of methodology: Angela just gives you easy-to-use research tools that any beginner can use.

And I highly recommend her manual 'How to Measure Your Communications Program' - it's a must have for all interested in the arena of communication evaluation. Plus it covers all the main areas of comms - internal, external, web and press

Greg Ransome Senior Evaluation and Insight Manager at UK Ministry of Justice

I took one of Angela's seminars about Calculating ROI of communications at the Ragan Corporate Communications Conference. Needless to say, she was extremely knowledgeable and passionate about the subject and got us all very excited about measurement. She’s an excellent speaker with truly valuable insights.

Karah McGeown VP, Director of Communications at FCB Chicago

I have a tremendous amount of respect for Angela and her work. I hired her twice for her research expertise, at two of my former companies. Now I do freelance and contract communications, and she hired me recently to help with employee focus groups. During the course of the project, I witnessed Angela’s strong work ethic, the high quality of her work and her exceptional interpersonal skills. At the project’s conclusion, I read the reports she produced for her client—impressive beyond anything I’ve seen in years from a communicator. I was awed that she could cohesively compile such a large amount of data into such high-caliber, actionable reports. Angela is very insightful and, in my estimation, worth every penny.

Alison Jones Communications & Marketing

I took one of Angela's ROI teleseminars shortly before producing the first ROI report on my department's marketing communications results. She was a lifesaver. Angela not only provided clear and helpful recommendations for calculating return on investment for public relations and communications services, but she also made her presentation come alive with case studies that clearly illustrated the points she covered in the seminar. I would gladly recommend Angela for anyone who needs to demonstrate the value and relevance of public relations and corporate communication efforts to clients or leadership.

Pamela Corante-Hansen, ABC Corporate Communications Consultant at AT&T

Angie is perhaps the world's leading authority on the measurement of processes and systems in corporate communication. Beyond this extraordinary expertise, she is unfailingly sincere and generous. Many, many practitioners owe her a debt of gratitude for her eagerness to help and advise.

Thomas Lee Extraordinary Leadership for Extraordinary Engagement