Communication Audit Surveys

With the wealth of actionable data each survey provides, it’s hard to pick just one to showcase. Here is a sampling of the different types of information a number of clients learned from their communication audit surveys:

  • About one-fourth of operational employees in one company said they had no access to required safety meetings. We were able to identify which facilities were not conducting them; the client is now matching that list with the facilities having the worst safety records.
  • On the topic of another company’s new strategy, the single most preferred source of information for its employees was senior management. However, the survey also showed that just under 50% of them felt that they themselves understood the strategy, leaving them ill-prepared to conduct that communication without additional preparation.
  • In a high-tech company where all employees have access to the intranet and email from their own computers, over 40% of employees reported wanting more information from print sources than is currently available.

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