Case Studies

Project Effectiveness Surveys

A communication department set up along PR-agency lines used to measure its effectiveness in terms of informal feedback. We developed a post-project customer satisfaction form for them to identify what parts of the consulting process are working well and which could be improved on future projects. The forms are analyzed collectively as part of the

Knowledge Test Survey

We developed a 25-question knowledge test on one company’s retirement benefits and investment education principles. It has been placed online, and each month several hundred employees are randomly invited to visit the site. At the end of the test, respondents can view their results and see how well they did. Over an 18-month period, the

Communication Audit Surveys

With the wealth of actionable data each survey provides, it’s hard to pick just one to showcase. Here is a sampling of the different types of information a number of clients learned from their communication audit surveys: About one-fourth of operational employees in one company said they had no access to required safety meetings. We

Retool the Global Magazine

A new communication director inherited an existing global publication and needed some employee input to see how effectively it was meeting the company’s objectives. Focus groups we conducted in the U.S, Europe and Asia showed some surprising similarities in what was working well and what wasn’t, although sometimes for different reasons. Interestingly, some of the

Improve Survey Results

A repeat survey showed virtually no improvement in key communication metrics over two years, in spite of the communication department’s best efforts. We conducted focus groups to identify specific interventions that would make a difference, and found a great many opportunities on the operational side, such as communication during shift changes. Another key finding was

Pre-test New Strategy

A new leadership team was about to roll out their 13 key strategies to employees in the form of a video. We pretested each of the points in focus groups, as well as the intended communication channel. The findings completely changed the roll-out. The 13 strategies were reduced to five. Several were completely rewritten to

Strategy Deconstruction

A global health care company’s annual strategic planning process typically resulted in pages and pages of strategies developed along product lines and communication department functions. This often resulted in disconnected messages being sent to some of the same audiences from different communication staffers. When the client asked for help in making the plan more measurable,

Reconstruction Strategy

A Fortune 100 company had eliminated nearly all internal communications during a major downsizing. Two years later, senior leadership realized they needed to rebuild the function to help them drive a re-energized growth strategy throughout their global workforce. We conducted executive interviews and on-site benchmarking visits with other global companies, which provided a strong research