Case Studies

Survey Questions

For PartnerRe, a reinsurance company, we conducted quantitative phone surveys with key decision-makers at their potential client companies to identify how much impact different customer communications had on a variety of outcomes, including two behaviors: calling my client to request a sales call to discuss something they read or heard about or being a tipping

Pilot and Control Groups

Westec Security was having a problem with vehicle accidents. We implemented a new approach to safety communication in half their locations that matched the other half in terms of current accident rates and driving environments. At the end of the year, accidents went down dramatically in the pilot locations but not at all in the

Earned Media Report

For a global package delivery company, we examined the three different reports they were receiving from different agencies on earned media results, one from each of three geographic regions. They reports covered many of the same metrics, but calculated them differently. Two reported monthly results, one reported quarterly. They defined and calculated different metrics differently,

Communication Index

For an investment services client, every year since 2007 we have created an updated index of different types of internal communication results. The concept behind the index is that there are multiple types of metrics measured in different ways that all can be converted to a numerical number of points so they can be combined

Intranet ROI

One client’s intranet includes a number of sites for sharing best practices among employees in similar jobs. One of the sites is for safety managers of manufacturing facilities around the world. They share with each other how they have fixed problems that occurred at their sites. My client shared anecdotally with me that many safety

External Website Usage Report

Another client’s site included descriptions and demos of products and services under development. We were able to recommend to the client which services they should develop first based on the relative interest expressed by site visitors.

Content Analysis

We measured the length of all the articles and recurring features of an employee publication over the course of six months. We identified the ideal content of the publication, starting with its objectives of supporting the company’s goals and brand attributes. We identified the content executives and employees wanted to see in it. Some of