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At Sinickas Communications, we've built our business on quickly and accurately finding match-ups and misalignments between a company's business goals and its current communication approach to getting there.

We do it with focused diagnostics and practical solutions aimed at achieving  business results.

Meet Angela Sinickas

Angela Sinickas, ABC, is CEO of Sinickas Communications, Inc., an international management consultancy focusing on communication effectiveness research and strategy. She has been measuring the effectiveness of communication since 1981.

Her prolific publications and speaking engagements in 32 countries have made her name synonymous with measuring the business impact of organizational communication. She is the author of the manual How to Measure Your Communication Programs, and has been a regular columnist for the magazine Strategic Communication Management and on the editorial boards of two professional journals.

Angela’s work has been recognized with 21 Gold Quill awards from IABC, six of them for measurement, two of them for her web site, www.sinicom.com, and one for her Measurement Works newsletter. She was named a Fellow of IABC in 2008.

Working with Angela

Angela's knowledge in the arena of corporate communications research knows no bounds! She is the Queen of Measurement (sorry Katie!)

And I am particularly keen on Angela's no-nonsense approach to coming up with and applying techniques that deliver results - simple and straight forward, yet yielding eminently usable data.

I also like that you don't get lots of methodology: Angela just gives you easy-to-use research tools that any beginner can use.

And I highly recommend her manual 'How to Measure Your Communications Program' - it's a must have for all interested in the arena of communication evaluation. Plus it covers all the main areas of comms - internal, external, web and press

Greg Ransome Senior Evaluation and Insight Manager at UK Ministry of Justice

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