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Meet Angela Sinickas

Angela Sinickas, ABC, is CEO of Sinickas Communications, Inc., an international management consultancy focusing on communication effectiveness research and strategy. She has been measuring the effectiveness of communication since 1981.

Her prolific publications and speaking engagements in 32 countries have made her name synonymous with measuring the business impact of organizational communication.


I have a tremendous amount of respect for Angela and her work. I hired her twice for her research expertise, at two of my former companies. Now I do freelance and contract communications, and she hired me recently to help with employee focus groups. During the course of the project, I witnessed Angela’s strong work ethic, the high quality of her work and her exceptional interpersonal skills. At the project’s conclusion, I read the reports she produced for her client—impressive beyond anything I’ve seen in years from a communicator. I was awed that she could cohesively compile such a large amount of data into such high-caliber, actionable reports. Angela is very insightful and, in my estimation, worth every penny.

Alison Jones Communications & Marketing

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