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 Do-it-Yourself  Communication Audit Starter Kits

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ou can easily conduct an audit of your communication programs on your own. Here are some inexpensive, easy-to-follow starter kits created by measurement expert Angela Sinickas. The kits are available on CD-ROM as Word, PowerPoint and Excel documents you can customize. Each kit includes the tool, instructions for use and completed samples.
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   How Our Starter Kits and On-line Tools Work Together
Kit 3 Kit 4 Kit 5 Kit 1
Employee Focus Group Selection
Executive Interview & Employee Focus Group Discussion Guides
Executive Interview & Employee Focus Group Report Template
Internal Communication SWOT Analysis
Kit 6 Kit 7
Internal Communication Audit Survey Internal Communication Audit Survey Report Template Online Strategic Planning
Kit 2 Kit 8
Inventory of Communication Channels Communication
 Planning Guide
Kit 9

Planning Tool
Research Tool
Research Report

  Client Satisfaction Survey & Report
Following is a recommended sequence for using our tools
1. Use the Internal Communication SWOT Analysis tool in a group setting of communicators, HR, IT and Marketing staff to gain consensus on the current status of communication in your organization.
2. Input the consensus from the SWOT discussion into the online Strategic Planning tool, which will generate a list of suggested research needed, based on which SWOT items you don't really know the answers for. Use this information in fine-tuning the questions you ask through the research tools in steps 3, 4 and 7.
3. Conduct executive interviews using the Executive Interview Discussion Guide.
4. Conduct the employee focus groups, using both the Focus Group Selection Grid and the Focus Group Discussion Guide.
5. Create a report comparing the findings from the interviews and focus groups using the Executive Interview & Employee Focus Group Report Template.
6. Identify how good a mix you have of communication channels (overall and for each of your audience subgroups) by using the Internal Communication Inventory of Channels and the findings of the interviews and focus groups.
7. Conduct an employee survey using the Internal Communication Audit Survey tool, which may be revised based on the findings of steps 5 and 6.
8. Create a report of the findings using the Audit Survey Report Template.
9. Go back to the online Strategic Planning tool, responding anew based on what has been learned during the research steps. Use the draft strategic plan that is generated based on the weaknesses and threats identified to develop a detailed strategic plan.
10. Use the Communication Project Planning Guide for each communication project.
11. Annually, use the Communication Project Client Satisfaction Survey with clients to assess how well the group and its individual communicators are doing in meeting operational management's expectations.
12. Repeat the audit survey annually to track progress.
13. Repeat the SWOT analysis, inventory, focus groups and executive interviews every few years. The executive interview guide can be used with all newly hired or promoted key executives on an ongoing basis as well.

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