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Angela D. Sinickas Answers Corporate Communicators' Questions

. Budgets
- Communication Budgets as a Percentage of Business Revenue

Business Outcomes Affected by Communication
- The Sears Study

Communication Effectiveness Audits
- Elements of a Communication Audit
- Conducting a Needs Analysis
- When (Not) to Survey and the Role of Third Parties
- Measuring Messages
- Published Research on Employee Communication
- Tracking Information Flow
- Measuring Real Knowledge

Electronic Communication
- Printed Versus Online Publications
- Setting Targets for Intranet Growth
- Ideal Email Content / Appearance
- Impact of News Releases on Web Traffic
- Measuring Online Usage of "Help" Documentation
- Copyright Laws for Internet Materials
- Use of Electronic Communication in Political Campaigns

Employee Communication
- "World Class" Employee Communication
- Best Practices for Internal Television
- Communicating Corporate Culture to Employees
- Impact of Communication on Merger Success
- Communicating During a Plant Expansion
- Employee Recognition Programs

Face-to-Face / Leadership Communication
Employee-Supervisor Communication Model
- Tracking Information Flow
- Manager Communication Measurement Tools
- Communication Style of Leaders.

Focus Groups
- How Many Participants to Choose
- Which Participants to Select

Professional Development / Careers
- Performance Reviews and Bonuses
- Professional Development on Communication Strategy
- Journals about Employee Communication
- Communication Degrees with a Business Focus
- Graduate Education in Business Communication

Public Relations
- Public Relations Benchmarking
- Measuring Public Relations Effectiveness
- Value of Public Relations Versus Advertising
- Impact of News Releases on Web Traffic
- Media Monitoring
- Public Relations Statistics
- Reputation Management

- Measuring the Effectiveness of a Published Corporate Plan
- Printed Versus Online Publications

Strategic Planning
- Aligning Communication Strategy with Business Metrics
- Setting Measurable Objectives

- Tips on Content and Wording of Surveys
- Response Rates and Random Sampling

What's a Good Response Rate for an Intranet "Spot Poll"

- When (Not) to Survey and the Role of Third Parties
- Dealing with "Over-Surveying"

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