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Tools for personal and departmental training

Six programs on Audio CD + Data
CD of presentation slides and docs

Listen, Read and Learn
Top communication training ...
like being in a seminar with
Angela Sinickas

Training When You Want it:
Listen to the audio and follow along the presentation slides (included) whenever you or your staff need to. Get the complete set of kits on all the topics or just one session on any one topic.
Training on Topics You Want: You get training in one-hour sessions on audio CD, plus supporting documents on a CD-ROM, for six streams of learning (see list below). Each stream comprises several one-hour, stand-alone sessions; all are related as part of Angela Sinickas' practical approach to organizational communications.
Training at the Depth You Want:
Simply listen to the information on the CDs, or learn hands-on through a reading list, Q&A sessions, and practical exercises you apply to your own work. Full participation can lead to earning a competency certificate in any of the following streams of learning:
  1. Planning Measurable Communications
 -- Linking communications to business results
 -- High-value / low-value measurements
 -- Conducting a SWOT analysis
 -- Strategic vs. operational communication plans
 -- Measurement plans and scorecards
 -- Choosing research methodologies
 -- Measuring change communication
 -- Assessing the communication department's infrastructure
 -- Measurement issues for HR/Benefits
 -- Emerging trends in measurement

2. Getting a Seat at the Table
(be a strategic advisor to management)
 -- Learning your organization's business
 -- Prioritizing, anticipating and initiating
 -- Operational communication
 -- Consulting skills to make you more effective

3. Measuring Messages, Channels and Outcomes

 -- Measuring messages
 -- Measuring the mix of channels
 -- Measuring face-to-face communication
 -- Measuring electronic communication
 -- Measuring print/written communication
 -- Measuring media relations
 -- Measuring upward and horizontal communication
 -- Measuring behaviors and outcomes
 -- Calculating return on investment (ROI)

4. How to Conduct Focus Groups and Interviews

 -- Planning focus groups and selecting participants
 -- Developing questions and creating discussion guides
 -- Facilitating focus groups and interviews
 -- Reporting results of focus groups and interviews

5. How to Conduct Surveys

 -- Different types of surveys
 -- Developing wording and response scales
 -- Administering surveys (sampling, response rates, online/print, incentives)
 -- Analyzing and reporting survey results
 -- How/when to use statistical analysis

6. How to Conduct Benchmarking Studies

 -- Methodology: what to benchmark and which companies to compare against
 -- Analyzing and reporting benchmarking findings

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