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1-Day Workshop

This highly interactive workshop will provide you with all the tools you need to think more strategically, present your ideas proactively to management in ways that make more business sense to them and use consulting techniques that help you take your seat at the management decision-making table—even if you’re not invited!
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From: Angela Sinickas

Dear Colleague:

 “I wish I had a seat at the table.” That’s what I hear communicators say everywhere I go.

Having wished the same thing, and achieved it in several jobs with titles ranging from editor to VP, I learned a lot of lessons by trial and error. I’d like to share those lessons with you so you can consistently contribute to your organization’s future proactively—regardless of your official job title—as soon as you return to work after this workshop.

Here’s a taste of what you’ll learn:

     How to talk about communication in the same business terms your organization’s executives use in discussing other business processes.

     How to estimate the likely ROI from proposed campaigns.

     How to anticipate opportunities for communication to solve emerging business problems, so you’ll be ready with your solutions when executives are just beginning to see that there’s a problem.

     How to use new techniques for building rapport with executives.

     How to break through impasses when you disagree with them on the best communication approaches for solving problems.

Not only will you learn about these skills, but you’ll have a chance to practice them and apply them to real-life situations you’re facing in your company today.

I look forward to seeing you soon!

Best regards,

Angela D. Sinickas
President, Sinickas Communications, Inc.



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After This Workshop, You Will Be Able To:

     Develop a shared set of expectations with your executives or clients about the role and value of the communication function.

     Optimize your communication staffing and outsourcing so your team has the right combination of skills and knowledge to meet those expectations.

     Build stronger rapport with executives so they feel more comfortable around you.

     Be prepared to handle the most likely crises facing your organization.

     Prioritize your work more effectively.

     Apply new techniques for learning the business of your organization so you have more to contribute as a communicator.

     Use communication to help solve executives’ operational problems.

     Use informal stakeholder research to get management’s attention focused on the need for the communication solutions you can offer.

     Appropriately take the initiative to contribute to executive decision-making when you know you can add value.

     Present your communication plans in terms of their financial value to your organization’s success.

     Be more persuasive in gaining your management’s approval for the solutions you suggest to the problems they’re facing.

     Use negotiation techniques to overcome barriers between your viewpoint and those of your executives or clients.

     Consult with internal and external clients more effectively.

     Measure the right aspects of client satisfaction.

     …And much, much more



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Quotes from Participants in previous Workshops.

“Working in the public sector, it’s been hard for me to measure my worth and gauge my effectiveness in dollar terms, but Angela’s workshop showed me a simple way to do that. It was one of those Eureka moments when you go, ‘That’s it.’”
Philip Keating, Strategic Communications Advisor
Manukau City Council, New Zealand

“Clear, concise, engaging!!!  I left empowered.”
From Los Angeles workshop

“Very practical and applicable, like the use of specific examples and results.”
From the New Zealand workshop



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