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2-Day Workshop

  This highly interactive workshop will provide you with all the tools you need to think more strategically, present your ideas proactively to management in ways that make more business sense to them and use consulting techniques that help you take your seat at the management decision-making table—even if you’re not invited!     Presenter/Workshop Leader: Angela Sinickas  |  Home

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From: Angela Sinickas

Dear Colleague:

I used to have a manager who asked me once every month, "So, what have you done for us lately?" It puzzled me at first, because my work output was so visible that I assumed it spoke for itself. But I soon realized the importance of answering that question in a way that would address my boss' real concern: How was my work contributing to business results?

So, what have you done for your organization lately? Would you describe your contribution in terms of activities or as measurable outcomes that have delivered a return on investment? Today's professional business communicator is often a creative "word person" working in an environment filled with analytical "numbers people" who want cost/benefit analyses for every line item in the budget. This "Maximizing ROI & Proving Your Worth" workshop will help you bridge that "word/numbers" chasm. This workshop is designed specifically to help you develop a "measurement mindset" that will keep you answering the questions: How well is communication supporting the company's major objectives? How could I be doing it better? How can I prove the worth of what we're already doing right?

At this workshop, you will hear proven strategies that have worked successfully at other companies. Plus, in the interactive exercises, you'll have a chance to build measurements like ROI into your own communication program to prove its worth to your organization.

I look forward to meeting you.

Best regards,

Angela D. Sinickas
President, Sinickas Communications, Inc.



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You Will Learn How to Answer Questions Like These:

  • How can I calculate a return on investment?
  • How can I connect communication with my organization's bottom line?
  • Where should I begin to measure?
  • How do I find the time and other resources to conduct measurements?
  • How do I establish measurable objectives?
  • What measurements can I conduct without having to get management's permission or spend any money?
  • When do I need hard numbers from a survey instead of "soft" focus group results?
  • When should I conduct one-on-one interviews instead of focus groups?
  • How can I make "soft" results more compelling to quantitatively oriented managers?
  • How else besides "hits" can I measure our Web site?
  • What ways other than readership surveys can I use to find out how effective my publication is?
  • How can I measure the effectiveness of face-to-face communication?
  • How many focus groups do I need to conduct?
  • How do I get quiet focus group participants to say more and domineering participants to say less?
  • Should I have a "no opinion" option for survey questions?
  • What is a good response rate for a survey?
  • How can I improve my survey response rate?
  • How large a random sample do I need for a survey?
  • What are the best ways of administering a survey in my organization?
  • How do I present my results from research in a way that results in executive action?
  • How can I use measurement to get bigger budgets and more staff?
    ...And more
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Quotes from Participants in previous Workshops.
."The conference I attended was great. Lots of knowledgeable insights and extremely practical techniques that are inexpensive (or free!) to implement. I was able to apply specific recommendations immediately to all of the work I'm doing (including two pilots I've just launched). I also presented an overview of measurements techniques to our extended team to leverage the knowledge for the benefit of my colleagues."
Linda M. Freeman, IBM Internal & Executive Communications
."Angela is an effective speaker who does not waste a moment of your time."
Robin Y. Sinckler, Project Manager, Nextel Communications
."Angela's workshop provided me with approaches to measurement that were very creative, yet practical and manageable. I feel like I now know tangible ways to demonstrate the contribution our communications program makes toward our overall business success. Angela is a natural at helping you find what works for you and your business, and inspiring you to move forward on your plan. The thought of measurement always intimidated me until I participated in one of Angela's workshops. Now I see it as more of an opportunity. Measuring your success doesn't have to be an overwhelming task."
Thom Sueta, Senior Communications Manager, US Operations, AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals
."Those who practice employee communication have long searched for ways to quantify the impact communication has on the bottom line. Angela Sinickas shares several concrete, quantifiable communication measurement methodologies that can be implemented immediately and demonstrate the valuable contribution of communication in the workplace."
Sue Rehmus, Business Communication Integrator, General Motors Corporation
."I gained so much from this workshop, as Angela is not only an expert in the communications field, but also an excellent presenter so that I came away with many new learnings."
Phyllis W. Banucci , Director, Internal Communications, ATMI, Inc.
."I've attended other communications measurement workshops. Angela does more than just talk about measuring organizational communications, she provides real-life examples, hands-on experiences and the necessary tools to actually DO IT. I came away inspired and motivated."
Mary L. Manton, Director, Communications and Marketing, Agency-Wide Shared Services, Internal Revenue Service

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2002-2006 Workshop Evaluations

(Participants who rated the workshop "Excellent" or "Very Good")

Likelihood you'll implement what you learned: 98%
Time for questions and discussion: 87%
Workshop exercises: 81%
Workshop handouts: 94%
Presenter's delivery: 96%
Content: 96%
Overall: 96%

Satisfaction with length of workshop:

It was much too long:


It was a little too long:


It was just the right length:


It was a little too short:


It was much too short:



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