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How to
Measure Your

A Practical Manual
for Maximizing the Effectiveness
of Your Messages, Media and Outcomes

Angela D. Sinickas, ABC



    Communication World    
    "This isn't just a book, it's an investment. Angela Sinickas, ABC, . . . has developed a definitive, hands-on resource in a long neglected area of internal and external communication.
"Sinickas takes what can sometimes be an intimidating, expensive and cumbersome measurement function, and puts it into a practical guide that every communicator should read. From advice on conducting focus groups to measuring communication flow to survey question construction, it's all here.
"As companies continue to tighten belts, slash budgets and reduce work forces, the importance of a healthy corporate communication program will continue to be called into question. Accountability, bottom-line impact, cost benefit analyses, core business support and strategic need are management's criteria when discussing areas of potential company cutbacks. Certainly one of the benefits of this manual is the content and context that outlines what should be measured and how to measure it; and it does step by step . . . ."

IABC Communication World
November 1994 issue
Review by Keith A. Sheldon, ABC, APR

    lnternal Communications    
    "From her first sentence Sinickas is keen to stress the practical nature of this guide, designed for a person who all too often is a creative 'word' person working in an environment filled with analytical 'numbers people'.
"Attention to detail is this volume's greatest strength. With over 20 years' experience, Sinickas brings a perceptive intelligence and keen sense of organization to both the design and the content of this book. By dividing information into two parts, 'Measurement tools a la carte' and 'Communication Audit', and further dividing these sections into relevant chapters, Sinickas is able to cover measurement of communication from almost every angle.
"Given the breadth of this book's concerns, it would seem as though it is aimed at professionals of sufficient seniority and experience to appreciate [it]. Given its accessibility and coherence, even the most numerophobic communications manager should consider adding this tool to the arsenal. However, I suspect, many will also choose to use it as an educational aid for junior colleagues.
"This book goes a long way towards explaining and defining best practice areas...."

"Internal Communication" UK
January 1998 issue
Review by
Edward Barnfield

    Professional Testimonials:    
    "[the manual's] practical advice has enabled me to learn the language of measurement and its relationship with the bottom-line, and to create tools that build credibility with senior managers for making communication a priority. I've also found the manual to be a powerful teaching tool in the development of my junior employees, helping them understand the significance of objective setting and measuring the effectiveness of their work."    

Elizabeth Armstrong,
Senior Manager, External Affairs
Standard Chartered Bank (Hong Kong)

    "We have purchased a number of Angela's manuals for members of our Internal Communications Network, which includes representatives from all organizations within our company. The larger organizations have formal internal communications programs, administered by communications or training professionals, while the smaller organizations are represented by people with other more or less related responsibilities within their organizations. Angela's manual provides a variety of measurement tools and a "something for everyone" approach that will work in our larger and smaller organizations."    

Barbara Brown,
Manager, Internal Communications
Southern California Edison


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